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nature walk and furniture update

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I had a great time taking a solo walk around a local park today, which has both paved and forested paths. There is restored prairie in some sections of the park and some mostly terrible outdoor sculptures as well. I took some of the off-road paths in the twilight during today’s perfect weather and shot some iPhone pictures. (I processed these with either Camera+ or the newly upgraded Instagram.)

In the man-made realm, our new couch is finally in our house as of this afternoon. We ordered a couch from a local independent (and very quirky) dealer who offers, among other things, sofas from Younger — a modern and classic high-quality furniture maker that seemed perfect for our “no crappy made-in-China couches” approach to quest. After 6 weeks of waiting for it to be built, the couch that finally arrived had the wrong fabric. The floor model the dealer already had, the exact one we’d fallen in love with and ended up ordering, was still there of course and in pretty perfect shape (this is a low-traffic furniture store that’s open about 18 hours a week). So one negotiated discount later we ended up taking that couch and depositing our incorrect one in its place on the display floor. “All’s well that ends well, you know, like Shakespeare!” he exclaimed as we left.

new couch

Check out a few more pictures in my set here.

hiking the Grand Canyon

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Grand Canyon Trip :: June 2011

From June 4th to June 6th we hiked (backpacked) down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out again. Here is a set of photos from our cameras during the trip — I still need to do a picture swap with the other hiker for his images, so this set will grow to include more in-canyon shots soon hopefully.

The trip was superlative in many ways. Very beautiful, very painful, very unique, very challenging. I am *still* healing from the hike in some of my joints and muscles. I wasn’t prepared for how intense it would be for me, but I learned a lot and I’m ultimately glad I did it. Plus the surreal beauty of this place is incredible and worth quite a bit of effort to get to experience it.

Big news might just be upcoming in the next couple of weeks — we’ve put in our application for renting out an amazing house on the other side of town. It has so many things we currently lack that I keep thinking there must be some kind of a catch. The landlord is great, the location is great… keeping fingers crossed.

The Harbinger Co. and other news

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

large honeycomb pendant - the harbinger co.

The Harbinger Co. by Yvonne Hung of San Francisco uses eco-friendly materials in unique ways to make amazing products. The bulk of their jewelry line consists of a series of earrings and pendants made from laser-cut bamboo, in both artistic and mathematically beautiful designs. I bought the Large Honeycomb Pendant today; really excited to get it.


Thursday we watched the Perseid meteor shower from the huge yard of a Schwenk family property 20 miles out of town – despite the bugs, it was pretty great. The date Dustin and I chose for our anniversary was the night we first watched the Leonids together, so meteor showers are special for us beyond their inherent coolness.

In other news, I’m starting the game Bioshock on the PS3 tonight too to see how my taste for FPSs has evolved, and I can count on Dustin to devour it regardless if I run out of steam. This is a hanging-around sort of weekend, because next weekend is the Gold Coast Art Fair, and the weekend after that is the Illinois Renaissance Festival.
Later edit: A few pictures from these events are on Flickr.

almost vacation

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

We’re headed to Florida for 6 days starting this Sunday; my month has been super busy work-wise but generally nice with fantastic weather and a great trip to Elgin around the beginning of this month. We visited the flea market again and I scored a vintage Nelson bubble lamp in the small spherical shape. I’ll post pictures soon once I get this place straightened up and actually take some. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magical, by the way, because it is fantastic at cleaning up vintage pieces like fiberglass chairs and our bubble lamp; the thing was completely filthy but looks new after some work with one of those. I wholeheartedly endorse them.
I also found two original Rorschach ink blot test cards; each is double-sided with an ink blot image and numbered. I still need to look up my specific blots.
Finally, as I’m hopelessly bag-addicted and there’s no help for it, I bought two Lug bags to do my traveling with and I’m really happy with them so far. I got the Skipper in grass green and the Taxi Full Tote in ocean blue, below. The texture, weight, construction and color of these bags is fantastic, can’t wait to haul them around some airports (and Disney World).

Lug tote

weekend walking

Monday, July 20th, 2009

This weekend’s weather was nice, almost record-settingly cool (mid 70s), so we went on a few walks. While we were downtown, we discovered our sushi place now has dollar-sushi-Sundays. Awesome.

lily – West Side Park
bee – Meadowbrook Park
sushi – Kofusion