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birthday fossil

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

new ammonite fossil

new ammonite fossil

new ammonite fossil

My birthday was April 7th. 27 years old, oh dear. Is that ‘late twenties’? I think it probably is.
One of the amazing gifts my family got for me was this large, unusual ammonite fossil. I’m not an expert, but in my many years of ammonite collecting and perusing I’ve never seen one quite like it.

I took these shots of it today with my iPhone and processed some of them (the first and third above) with a new photography app called Camera+. I love it — lots of photo taking and postprocessing options.

Eye Clock!

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

eye clock :: george nelson

eye clock :: george nelson

A week ago my parents, Dustin and I went to a mid century modern warehouse sale in the Chicago suburbs. Through some clever dealing, my parents acquired me this George Nelson Eye Clock. I have wanted this clock since I learned of its existence. This particular picture of someone’s collection of Nelson clocks stuck with me too:


This clock is now hanging near our Hang-It-All, with some space left for an art poster Dustin has his eye on. So, more pictures in situ I’m sure will be forthcoming.
My dad just got a George Nelson Pill Clock that I’ve seen pictures of but can’t wait to see in person. I love these clocks, so many of them are amazing. I wish Vitra was still producing more of the designs. George Nelson’s wiki page claims he designed nearly 300 wall clocks, I wonder if that’s true? Someone needs to make a book about them, if there isn’t one already…

Rocket Fish

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

These earrings are a just-because surprise present from Dustin I received on Friday, and they are amazing. (I love fish and the artistic representation like fish like crazy, for anyone unaware of this fact.) These are one of a kind, with eyes made of carnelian stones and the rest sterling silver. They were made by Peggy Johnson, an awesome jewelry maker who draws inspiration from nature and every-day home objects (like toasters). Check out her Etsy shop here and her blog here.

The Harbinger Co. and other news

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

large honeycomb pendant - the harbinger co.

The Harbinger Co. by Yvonne Hung of San Francisco uses eco-friendly materials in unique ways to make amazing products. The bulk of their jewelry line consists of a series of earrings and pendants made from laser-cut bamboo, in both artistic and mathematically beautiful designs. I bought the Large Honeycomb Pendant today; really excited to get it.


Thursday we watched the Perseid meteor shower from the huge yard of a Schwenk family property 20 miles out of town – despite the bugs, it was pretty great. The date Dustin and I chose for our anniversary was the night we first watched the Leonids together, so meteor showers are special for us beyond their inherent coolness.

In other news, I’m starting the game Bioshock on the PS3 tonight too to see how my taste for FPSs has evolved, and I can count on Dustin to devour it regardless if I run out of steam. This is a hanging-around sort of weekend, because next weekend is the Gold Coast Art Fair, and the weekend after that is the Illinois Renaissance Festival.
Later edit: A few pictures from these events are on Flickr.

an awesome mail day

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Yesterday the mail was backed up for Veteran’s Day, so today the timing was right and I received a whole slew of great things. Two Orla Kiely bags I bought from different sources online arrived at once (one from England!), along with my two first postcards from Postcrossing, one from Illinois and one from England as well.

mail day

mail day

mail day

When I said before that I had a small obsession with Orla’s stuff I was probably being too modest. I currently own 12 of her bags. It’s my vice, damnit, everyone’s allowed at least one! (I pride myself on finding amazing prices on these bags though – I got these for basically 70% less than retail. I could definitely not feed my habit otherwise.)

chair euphoria

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Thanks to Craigslist and a really cool older guy in Niles, IL, we are now the proud owner of a set of four amazing Eames Herman Miller fiberglass arm shell chairs in seafoam green. (!!) (click the image above for more pictures)
They are from 1957, with metal glides on zinc H-bases. Two of them still have the foil label from that year. The maker’s mark looks to be the double triangles/mountains from Summit Plastics in Kalamazoo. I am in awe of these chairs, and our luck in finding them. We saw found them the day before we left for Florida and called the person selling them, who was awesome enough to hold them for us for a whole week until we could drive up there (it’s near Elgin, so we spent the night at my parents’ and hand an insane sushi orgy furnished by materials from Mitsuwa – more on that later).
Thank you, Craigslist. Oh man.

The Giant Golden Book of Biology

Sunday, October 4th, 2009


I won this book on eBay tonight – it was published in 1961, and illustrated by Charley Harper. Probably the coolest biology book ever, aesthetically; very excited to get it! It’s in slightly rough shape but considering its age (and the deal I got on it) I’m quite happy. All pages are complete and intact.

Read more about the book here.
First two images courtesy of the above link.

almost vacation

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

We’re headed to Florida for 6 days starting this Sunday; my month has been super busy work-wise but generally nice with fantastic weather and a great trip to Elgin around the beginning of this month. We visited the flea market again and I scored a vintage Nelson bubble lamp in the small spherical shape. I’ll post pictures soon once I get this place straightened up and actually take some. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magical, by the way, because it is fantastic at cleaning up vintage pieces like fiberglass chairs and our bubble lamp; the thing was completely filthy but looks new after some work with one of those. I wholeheartedly endorse them.
I also found two original Rorschach ink blot test cards; each is double-sided with an ink blot image and numbered. I still need to look up my specific blots.
Finally, as I’m hopelessly bag-addicted and there’s no help for it, I bought two Lug bags to do my traveling with and I’m really happy with them so far. I got the Skipper in grass green and the Taxi Full Tote in ocean blue, below. The texture, weight, construction and color of these bags is fantastic, can’t wait to haul them around some airports (and Disney World).

Lug tote

Orla Kiely

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Small Cross Hatch Stem Book Bag

I have a small obsession with this designer. She has done some furniture and housewares but specializes mainly in fabrics, clothing and bags/pouches. This is my most recent Orla acquisition; I found this on sale at Nordstrom when I was out with my mom and sister this weekend. It’s so well made and generally awesome. The material is laminated canvas (so it’s waterproof but still light and flexible) with leather on the handles/closure, lined with cotton in another cool print.

I’ll go more into my collection later, as I would like to document it and it’s getting ever larger — recently I’ve realized through selling and finding neat older pieces on eBay I’ve refined the collection to the point where I can’t bring myself to sell any more of the ones I have… hm.

vintage bodum

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

At “Carrie’s”, an odd little curio shop packed with random vintage stuff in downtown Champaign, we found a full 8-piece set of vintage Bodum glasses last Sunday. I am in love with their design and the clean happiness of the white handles. They even have the older Bodum creed stamped on the bottom. They look unused; I wonder what their history is, if any.