iPhone 4S!

My 3GS is two years old; I have loved that phone long and hard but it was showing its age. The vibration was louder than the ringtone, it was slow and glitchy, and the very day my 4S came in the mail was the first day my 3GS told me it didn’t have enough room to update the apps that needed updating. So, so long old friend, and hello new friend who has a way way better camera.

As an avid Instagrammer and general iPhonetographer I am so excited to upgrade the only camera I always have with me. The picture above is the first one I took with the 4S and put on Instagram; it’s of this tree across the street from our new house that is part of a pair of trees that are as red as autumn gets, and I love them. It’s been a great fall so far, but now that it’s officially November I think I’m bracing myself for the inevitable loss of fall and the gain of the typically nasty midwestern winter.

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