hiking the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trip :: June 2011

From June 4th to June 6th we hiked (backpacked) down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out again. Here is a set of photos from our cameras during the trip — I still need to do a picture swap with the other hiker for his images, so this set will grow to include more in-canyon shots soon hopefully.

The trip was superlative in many ways. Very beautiful, very painful, very unique, very challenging. I am *still* healing from the hike in some of my joints and muscles. I wasn’t prepared for how intense it would be for me, but I learned a lot and I’m ultimately glad I did it. Plus the surreal beauty of this place is incredible and worth quite a bit of effort to get to experience it.

Big news might just be upcoming in the next couple of weeks — we’ve put in our application for renting out an amazing house on the other side of town. It has so many things we currently lack that I keep thinking there must be some kind of a catch. The landlord is great, the location is great… keeping fingers crossed.

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