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Saturday, May 21st, 2011

instagram mosaic :: 21 May 2011

I’ve been an Instagram user for a few months now. I love the creative, social, daily-life sharing aspects of it. It makes everyday photography accessible and minimizes some of the intimidating aspects of it by giving everyone the same platform/technology, packaged with a way to share their images easily with whoever would like to watch. Some of my favorite bloggers have been joining up in the last few weeks as well, and it’s been fun to watch it spread and to get glimpses into the lives of artists and writers I admire.

Even if I’m not posting here I’m usually broadcasting daily moments through photographs. Follow me in the Instagram app under the username “carissapod”, or follow me on the web here.


Saturday, May 14th, 2011


Sholem Building :: Home of Good Shoes

[some images from a Sunday evening wandering around downtown]

The day before I took these, I had found a handwritten receipt for shoes totaling about $6.50 from a Champaign business run by the Sholem family in the 1940’s. Their slogan, the “Home of Good Shoes”, was printed on the receipt, alongside their guarantees of superior workmanship. The next evening on our walk, I looked up to find the very building that this business had owned, still sporting the Sholem name and their motto. Awesome!

new stuff

Friday, May 13th, 2011

new Paul Smith glasses [PS 433]

New glasses!

New springtime growth!

And new posts coming soon.