artistic developments


This new year means new creative efforts for me. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents was a macro lens for my Canon T2i (!), and another gift I’m giving myself is a short course in working with art clay silver starting at the end of this month.
I managed to leave my camera with its new lens at my parents’ house in the madness of packing to return home after two weeks there, so the “creation” part of my creative effort is off to a stunted start… the silver lining is that I enjoy creative limitations. My iPhone-photo tumblr blog onion of infinite leaf is going strong, I still have the Lumix LX-3, and of course there is always drawing.

Our house is also sort of an ongoing expression of joint functional creative design too, as much as we can given limited space and budget anyway. I’m planning to do another set of photographs of the current state of our place, as any new (or vintage in some cases) things have found their way in here somehow and it’s looking pretty different than the last house tour I shot. So, look for that once I get my camera back!

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