The Harbinger Co. and other news

large honeycomb pendant - the harbinger co.

The Harbinger Co. by Yvonne Hung of San Francisco uses eco-friendly materials in unique ways to make amazing products. The bulk of their jewelry line consists of a series of earrings and pendants made from laser-cut bamboo, in both artistic and mathematically beautiful designs. I bought the Large Honeycomb Pendant today; really excited to get it.


Thursday we watched the Perseid meteor shower from the huge yard of a Schwenk family property 20 miles out of town – despite the bugs, it was pretty great. The date Dustin and I chose for our anniversary was the night we first watched the Leonids together, so meteor showers are special for us beyond their inherent coolness.

In other news, I’m starting the game Bioshock on the PS3 tonight too to see how my taste for FPSs has evolved, and I can count on Dustin to devour it regardless if I run out of steam. This is a hanging-around sort of weekend, because next weekend is the Gold Coast Art Fair, and the weekend after that is the Illinois Renaissance Festival.
Later edit: A few pictures from these events are on Flickr.

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