simon, my first best cat

Simon was born 4/25/03 to a stray under a bush in Champaign, IL. His entire litter was male. I chose him out of the group after his foster caregiver said “that’s the cuddly one.” He’d been adopted once already by a little British girl that named him “Johnson,” but had to be given back as she was very allergic. I bonded with him and played with him all the time; I played with his paws constantly so he got used to letting me touch and trim his nails. He was a champ about this, and never scratched up anything he wasn’t supposed to, so I never declawed him and I was always proud of that.

Simon/Simmy/Sim/Squirmy-worm followed me everywhere and slept with me every night. He was incredibly smart and curious, and got into trouble sometimes as a result. He burned his foot on my stove once, jumping up to be near me. He would always steal food. He took a bite out of a sour cream and onion pringle in my hand once. He was always a little bit chubby.

Simon died on 5/19/09. As of now I am still in a bit of denial about it. It was so sudden and very unexpected. A genetic heart condition caused him to crash that morning; his lungs filled with fluid as his heart was too weak to keep them clear. I rushed him to the vet where he was anesthetized and stabilized, but opted to euthanize him as his prognosis was weak even with extensive recovery and treatment. I had no idea how hard I would take this, and it turns out quite hard. I loved that cat so much. I hope he knew it.

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